how to create a facebook avatar

 how to create a Facebook avatar

now a day the Facebook Avatar in very trending, people wants to create there own face avatar, and to be looks a trendy, so here we are starting how to create a Facebook avatar for Facebook or we can use other site also. 

There are very loveing people's who love to create there own character which can be animation or a short cartoon movies like, but this is not possible to create in illustrator cartoon or a 2d animation videos so everyone useing this trick which I will going to say with this you can create your own Avatar that impress any one.

This features is launched by the Facebook with this feature you can create you own Avatar, with this you can share in your timeline also and also comments in the post.

This post features you can use in timelines and also share everyone, with also you can create a profile picture, and costomize according you want like, face, hair style, eye, eyebrows, beard and etc.

Not only this the Facebook features also have many features after creating a Avatar you can share also in whatsapp emoji, twitter and the Instagram also, with this it also supports the messanger to share..

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There are steps by steps that how to create Facebook Avatar
  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Click on the ‘More’ button which appears on the right corner of your screen. That appears like (three lines vertically).
  3. Scroll down and tap on See More.
  4. Now select Avatars.
  5. Tap Next to Get Started.
  6. Select your preferred skin tone and tap on Next.
  7. Now choose a hairstyle for your avatar. You can select Short, Medium Or Long and the color for your hairstyle.
  8. Next, select your avatar's face shape, complexion, and face lines.
  9. Now select an eye shape and color for your avatar.
  10. Next, you select the eyebrow shape and color.
  11. You can also add glasses for your avatar.
  12. Now customize the nose and mouth.
  13. Next, select the beards and color of the facial hair.
  14. Next, choose a body shape.
  15. Now choose your avatar's outfit.
  16. Tap on Next and then Done.

Now it's done, but there is a one great things that one only one time you can use this, but you can access with the browser also and the Facebook app, means once you create a Avatar you can access it from any where.

We have come at the last, I just want to share this because this feature is very good, and special I love this features that make me happy and my relatives also, so my readers please use this feature and share with all your lovers.

Hope you like my article and please share to everyone of your relatives.