How to create digital art and illustration

How to create digital art and illustration

how to create digital art and illustration

The Creating a digital images or portrait for self its now A very treading topic so we will learn how to create digital art and illustration. 

there are many software which we can create but we will discuss the mail software's not the Pugin or any other site details.

there are many apps and the sites are available in the market, for that the easily we can create the portraits and the images for the digital arts. 

there are very fine arts also, which they are using the graphics tabs to create a fine hairs and the skin textures for looking the awesome portraits. 

use of digital arts and illustration

there are many use of the digital art in the multimedia industries, with the digital art we can create sceneries, a story boarding, vfx images, for understand a short story also we can create the digital art. 

we can say a digital art is a painting which we do through digital not the paint and the brushes. 

painting and sketching is a old way which we create through the pencil, sketch pens, water colors and many more tools, that's tools are awesome to use in the child hoods, but the time is changing so its time for the digital illustration. 

which software have to use in digital art and illustration 

In the industries there are many software's are using to create a digital art and the illustration, because the depends on there usage, and some have there own Pugin with that easily and quickly they create the a digital art, and that's also looks goods. 

but we are learning to create self the digital art and the illustration, so here we will discuss how to create a digital art and illusion but the self practice not the plugin or the easy way, so there are some software's in which we can create the digital art and the illustration, with the some tools and amazing colors. 

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The first software in Adobe illustrator 

Adobe illustrator in the one of my favorite software, when i have started the learning designing and the animation my first software i have the which is the adobe illustrator CS6, the CS6 is the version of software, its have every year a new version, the CS means Create suite. 

the adobe illustrator is the the vector based software which work on the mathematical shapes, lines, circles, and more....

the adobe illustrator work in both for printing and the digital illustration, the illustrator files are vector based so we can print that files in any biggest hording size the text and design will not get the manipulate or pixelet.

so if you want to learn the digital art and illustration you have to know this software. 

The Next in adobe Photoshop 

adobe photoshop is the one of the most useable software in the various industries, the photoshop is widely used in the all country, and most of the peoples know the photoshop.

About adobe photoshop

adobe photoshop is a raster based software's, and its work on the pixel based the photoshop is a raster editing software, in which you can create and manipulates the images, in this software you can do any this with the images, it support many color modes and formats of the images

now the truth of the digital art and the illustration, first of all the learning software is a easy task but the creating the digital art is a heavy task, there are many things we have to create with the presence and with focus mind, the illustration and the digital art is a art of focus of mind and the strengths also. 

 only learning the software is not the necessary but the things you are making you have to clarify and a strong desire to create, for the fist time all things happens but the once you create then you will get all the knowledge and experience then you will create all things easily. 

the digital art creation is a multi tasking with single artboard, the artboard means a paper where you design your art on screen, that is call the artboard. 

in the artboard there is a layers system on both the software either you use illustrator or the photoshop both have the layers system, the layers is the best way to manipulates the things and if the things goes wrong you will easily correct with the layers. 

the layers have the multiple things and that you need to organize with efficiently and equally to make a proper art of digital or the illustration. 

before creating any art in digital or the illustration you have to first do the RND means a good reaches that make a attractive to your art because the first time you don't know how much efforts it take or designing brushes also, i always prefer to create with light bursh with low opacity, with the tools and the option of thelow opacity that makes a good looks and mistaken free design, so its good and desired that we have to always create a design with low intensity and color combination. 

at the end of all the things i will last says the software's is easy to use not its too hard, when you practice daily you will get a good result while handling the software's, but but but the 3 times but i have said, there is a reason behind this, and you know very well i have explain all the things. 
you have known all the things related to digital art and the illustration, if you need the tutorials then comment me i will sure make tutorials and a blog with this topic more, but only when you tell me to create related to this.