how to create a timeline in powerpoint

 how to create a timeline in PowerPoint

The power point is a very useful software which is used in the various industries and fields, you should be from any stream or fields but you have to use the power point for creating a presentation, the power point software comes with the windows and it’s a very basic for using if you are a expert in that, everyone have the knowledge of the power point software.

how to create a timeline in powerpoint

The PowerPoint software’s is used by various streams and the industries, because for explanation we have to use the software’s and create a presentation, and for creating the presentation the bet software is always the power point.

I have remember when I have the software, when I was child and learning to handle the mouse and keyboard I down know about the power point is a software’s and what kind of its use, so then there is a project in class we have to define all the things that what can we do for the environments that time we have to create the presentation and explain that the basic rules to save the plants and we have to explain all the things in that.

That time with the help of faculty I have created the power point and explain all the things but it’s not like a professional that how I can now Create but it was the lovely experience that I have got .

After that the I have remember we are sitting on a class in college, I have remember that all the student are not able handle the mouse also of the computer that time I have relies that everyone should have the knowledge of the computers and know the basic of its.

There are some fundaments that have to use in the creating the PowerPoint and that make a good communication with the visualize, now a days there are the videos and the motions graphics that we can use to Crete an amazing power point and that I love to do, there are many several ways to create a amazing tutorial based power point and that be a great opportunity also for jobs.

I have a good experience in the multimedia industries and more I have done several interviews and all that them also a good experience for all.

The power point is the basic software but the children’s and the elders should have to create the power point presentation and that’s be a most useful things.

Can we say that there are other software also related to power point like the word and excel, I have to love in this all the software’s that’s are amazing to create the new things, that all the things are amazing to have but we should have the knowledge of all the things in this they have some type of layout which are amazing to create an amazing slides.

There are an option to create a new slide and use the layout, there are many layout according that we can work if we need images, text, heading, paragraphs and more.